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Message 18 juil. 2007, 07:35

Il suffit de copier coller les fichiers du patch dans le dossier Maxwell.


General stability improved
Fixed issue with motion blur that caused Maxwell to crash
Fixed black dots when texture coordinates are invalid
Fixed shift lens with idmaterial and idobject channels
Now possible to save 0 threads in the scene file
Fixed normal mapping issue
Added control to choose camera view from UI (also available from the network)
Fixed crash when loading some old MXI files
Internal enhancements in materials to fix some cross platform issues

Fixed occasional network cooperative merging issue when using more than 4 nodes
Fixed "merging mxi" text state. When merging finished it now says "waiting for others"

Fixed display cooperative when some nodes already ended render
Many improvements in network in OSX


Fixed camera/save issue when saving in perspective mode
MXCL can be launched from Studio in demo mode
Objects library menu option loads MXS files contained in subfolders of the “objects library” folder
Fixed bug overwriting geometries involving naming conflicts
Fixed recalculate and reverse normal vectors on multiple selections
Improved searches for missing IOR files
Fixed crash when using scaling handles in 2D views
Memory enhancements loading large scenes
Fixed crash dragging groups
Importing MXM files does not modify the material selection
Fixed some UI issues
When MXCL is launched, Studio displays a warning message in the console when the output image path is not writable
Blow-up renders at camera resolution instead of at viewport resolution
Fixed scale gizmo with cubic projectors
Import MXM allows multiselection to import more than one material at the same time
More robust license.txt reader
Fixed renaming groups
Fixed command line options which were not saved in MXS
Fixed issue with importing a MXS which used to reset the environment location
Preference added to scroll to an item when it is selected in the viewport
Fixed an issue loading some tga textures in material editor
Fixed key shortcut conflicts with Key_G (show grid)
Ctrl + A selects all in all the lists and text fields
Texture/UV sets

Fixed issues in some special cases when "Autocreate uv sets" generated invalid texture coordinates.
Fixed “Normalize” and “Adjust to object” functions in UV sets
Multiple UV sets on an object can be selected and edited simultaneously. When there is a multiple selection in the UV sets panel all the UVS of all the selected objects appear and can be edited at the same time

OpenGL transparency is now properly refreshed after closing the preferences dialog
Fixed disable transparencies
Fixed artifact in grid
Fixed switching from smooth to planar with vertex buffer objects enabled
Enhancements in OpenGL textures area. Modified the preference to scale textures in viewport to use only preferred values

OBJ importer accepts not only triangles but also quads. It is not needed anymore to triangulate OBJ files before importing.
Fixed crash after reading some 3ds files
Fixed DXF import scale option
Fixed crash saving after importing STL files
Fixed pivot and camera position in 3DS loader
Added name conflicts dialog to 3DS/DXF/OBJ/FBX formats
Fixed 3DS/FBX loaders
Fixed automatic UV creation when importing OBJ files

Fixed issue with paths
Fixed wrong color in textures table in material editor
Fixed crash in studio selecting/dragging triangle groups

Fixed MXED can save a material as "untitled.mxm" after using some advance wizards
Fixed MXED does not ask for a name to save when the current name is "untitled.mxm"
Added "Save and close" button to MXED so it is not needed to save the material before closing it
New keyboard shortcuts added


Rendering on 64 bits systems might not be able to make use of all the cores
ID Object and ID material channels generate noise when used on transparent objects

Blow up render through Studio works at camera resolution instead of at viewport

This patch does not include an update for the Maxwell Render sky model. The current sky is not just a matter of rightness and physical correctness, but subject to personal taste. Many clients need this patch to fix some critical issues while working on images, but they do not want to change their images and need the sky to stay the same. Thus we have refrained from a radical change in the look& feel of the software in this small update. The Maxwell Render development team is presently working on a radically improved physical sky model.