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Mise à jour plugin Rhinoceros 4

Message 24 juil. 2007, 21:05

New 'MXM Mode' Material parameter

- Embedded Materials work exactly as previous plug-ins.

- Referenced Materials synchronize their state with their source MXM whenever they are read.

- Allows for changing the way Materials appear in all Scenes by editing the source MXM file.

- Provides redundancy - Referenced Materials are still embedded into the Scene, so their last state will still be available in case the source MXM file has been moved/deleted (in which case, they will revert to Embedded mode).

- It is possible to temporarily defeat the operation of Referenced Materials using the new user-preference, 'Ignore Referenced MXM Mode'.

User-preferences for UI elements

- Colors, font, form opacity, and Texture-interpolation may be saved to/loaded from files.

- Changes may be made at run-time.

Revised Color-Picker

- Save colors to a preset by dragging from the current/starting color panel to a preset button.

Improved Block/Work session support

- When documents which reference other documents are opened, the Maxwell Material lists must be reconciled.

- If duplicate Materials are found in a referenced document, it is possible to use either the version in the referenced document, or those in the current document. The same holds for documents referenced by a referenced document (nested references) - duplicate Materials may be used from whichever level of reference you wish.

- The 'Resolve Scene Materials Conflict' dialog may be disabled by user-preference. In this case, another user-preference, 'Prefer Linked Materials', is used to decide which version to use.

- When 'Prefer Linked Materials' is set to 'Yes', the furthest-nested version of a duplicate Material will be used.

- New Materials may be applied to work session objects.

- New Materials may be applied to by-layer blocks.

- Materials already applied to blocks/work session objects may be modified in the importing file.

Email Report

- In the event of an error, easily send the log file and machine-configuration info directly from the plug-in.

- This dialog is also shown in the event of an exception.


- Image Based Environment display in the viewport has been greatly improved.

- The plug-in will now notify you if there is an update available.

- Enabling Image Based Environment in the viewport now sets the sky type to Image Based.

- Setting Z-Clip distances now activates Z-Clip for the selected Camera.

- All Render methods now have the choice to render either the entire Scene, or only those objects currently selected in the viewport. Both options work with cached meshes enabled.

- Added 'Check File Version' user-preference. The plug-in caches lots of things related to image paths, to reduce the number of file-system queries occurring during operation. Setting this to 'Yes' should only be done in the case that you commonly edit textures being used in the Scene, while working on the Scene. Set to 'Yes', file-version is checked, and maps are re-loaded when necessary. However, only use this if necessary, especially if you store maps on a network drive.

- Help updated.

List of the main bugs which are fixed in this version:

1. Material preview-refresh problem

- This is a machine-specific problem ('red x')
- Status: fixed

2. Cameras missing from a new document

- This should only happen when using 'No Template'
- Status: fixed

3. Render failed - 'ERROR: - UVW channels ( 0 ) on object not enough for material

- This is caused by objects with no texture-coordinates
- Status: fixed

4. Reflectance 0° maps get moved to Reflectance 90°

- This happens when a .3dm saved with the previous plug-in is opened, and then saved
- Status: fixed

5. Rotating SunView globe doesn't update date & time readouts in the Location Settings page

- This happens when a .3dm saved with the previous plug-in is opened
- Status: fixed

6. Attempting to load an MXI results in an 'image-read-error' image being shown instead of the MXI

- This happens when an MXI is not successfully read, and appears to be fixed by using a newer SDK
- Status: fixed

7. Viewport display of Image Based environment is turned on when not requested

- May happen at random times
- Status: fixed