Mise à jour plugin SketchUp 6 Mac/PC

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Mise à jour plugin SketchUp 6 Mac/PC

Message 12 avr. 2007, 20:41

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Les nouveautés et améliorations de cette release :
- Maxwell materials are now assigned to SketchUp materials as opposed to geometry.
- Basic Maxwell material parameters can be specified directly inside SketchUp dialogs without the need to use MXM files.
- HTML-based panels for Maxwell Render parameters added: it is now much easier to set camera/environment/HDRI parameters for the scene.
- Support added to separate individual faces/groups/components sharing the same material into separate Maxwell Render objects.
- Maxwell Render camera field-of-view matches the field-of-view of the SketchUp camera if a Photographic Still 35mm camera is used in the Film&Stage plug-in of SketchUp.
- Names of individual materials are properly converted from SketchUp to Maxwell Render.
- Maxwell Render export help can be opened directly from the Ruby SketchUp plug-in.
- Fix: Normals were inverted when flipping components/groups – fixed.
- Fix: GMT offset was wrong on Intel Mac computers – fixed.
- Fix: multiple identical materials are no longer generated.
- Fix: AutoMXM support on OSX was fixed